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I am a first year Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, advised by Prof. Yiyu Shi. I received my B.Eng. degree in the same department at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), where I am working with Prof. Jiang Liu at iMED.

My research interest is in computer-aided diagnosis, with a focus on improving the efficiency of medical diagnosis by assisting doctors with automated tools. The goal is to develop practical and user-friendly solutions that can enhance the accuracy and speed of medical diagnoses, ultimately benefiting patients and healthcare providers alike.

📢 I am seeking a summer research internship in computer-aided diagnosis for the year 2024. If you are aware of any suitable openings, please feel free to contact me. Thank you!



Arxiv 2022

CSA 2022
Automatic Cortical Cataract Classification Framework Based on AS-OCT Images
Gelei Xu*, Xiaoqing Zhang*, Zunjie Xiao, Risa Higashita, Wan Chen, Jin Yuan, and Jiang Liu
Computer Systems & Applications (CSA), 2022, 31(12)
[Paper PDF] [CSA Archive]

ICME 2022
Channel-Wise and Spatial Feature Recalibration Network for Nuclear Cataract Classification
Xiaoqing Zhang, Gelei Xu, Junyong Shen, Zunjie Xiao, Qiuyang Yan, Jin Yuan, Risa Higashita, Jiang Liu
2022 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME 2022)
[Paper PDF] [IEEE Xplore]

KBS 2022
CCA-Net: Clinical-awareness Attention Network for Nuclear Cataract Classification in AS-OCT
Xiaoqing Zhang, Zunjie Xiao, Lingxi Hu, Gelei Xu, Risa Higashita, Wan Chen, Jin Yuan, Jiang Liu
Knowledge-Based Systems (KBS), 2022, 250
[Paper PDF] [ScienceDirect]

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